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Gwen Roth

Gwen Roth - High Noon Gwen Roth - Like a Watercolor Painting Gwen Roth - Gentle Giants in the Mist Gwen Roth - Falling Down Gwen Roth - Naturally Abstract Gwen Roth - Round and Round

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Gwen Roth, Artist Gwen Roth - Sunny Daze

*Free S&H in SE MI*  Please contact us to arrange delivery

Free S&H in SE MI Please contact us to arrange delivery

Gwen Roth photography - April Snow

April Snow

Cool Shades

Falling Down

High Noon

Like A Water Color           Painting

Gentle Giants in the Mist

Naturally Abstract

Round and Round

Sunny Daze

Gwen Roth - The Clearing

The Clearing

Gwen Roth - Shivering Timber

Shivering Timber

Gwen Roth - Hocus Pocus Crocus

Hocus Pocus Crocus

The common thread connecting Gwen Roth’s images is a restorative viewpoint of the world. With an emphasis on healing art, she showcases her inspiration with a transformative adventure that uplifts and encourages, while adding a sprinkling of surprise. Open to photographing anything that catches her eye, there is something for everybody in her work. Her award-winning photography has been exhibited throughout the southeast Michigan area.

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