Artist Statement . . .

“I wanted to move from the pure vessel form into a more expressive design, so I thought, ‘How can I combine both glass and sculpture?’

Moving to a new material is an incredible experience for all artists. You have gotten comfortable with a medium. Then you introduce a new material and you start all over again. I had to learn welding — a very fine technique called tig welding. Then you learn about the bending technique, and finally how to finish the metal. It gets complicated quite quickly. You have a mental picture of what you want to do so getting the material to work with you takes time. I grew in my admiration for metal sculpturing people.

I am a minimalist. I cast away a lot of stuff. I take a lot out of sculpture so it has a lighter-than-gravity feel.

I want to say to people who buy my vessels: ‘Please put flowers and things in them. Don’t stow them away in a china cabinet.’ These vessels are very high quality — they can handle the everyday world.

How can you witness all that is natural and humanistic and not find inspiration?”