Artist Bio . . .

In the early 1970’s, Vic Leo met, discussed, and admired the works of such glass masters as Littleton, Fujita, Moje, Libensky, Seguso, Eisch, and Chihuly, who brought about the renaissance of contemporary glass.

Along with a professional career in the auto industry, Vic began working with hot furnace glass in 1986. He started with glassblowing courses at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, where he acquired knowledge of design and process. Additional experience was gained at Baron Glassworks and at numerous workshops, seminars and summer glass programs, including The Corning Studio.

Vic enlarged his vision and purpose by incorporating steel into his art in 2005, moving from the vessel form to sculpture. Today, the majority of his work combines steel and glass, and focuses on natural themes such as sustainability (Homage to Earth), human performance (Opera Singer), and space (Twin Moons).

His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including the growing Grand Rapids, Michigan ArtPrize.