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Tim Tonachella

Tim Tonachella, Artist

*Free S&H in SE MI*  Please contact us to arrange delivery

Free S&H in SE MI Please contact us to arrange delivery

Tim Tonachella photography - Alone in the Crowd

Alone in the Crowd

Tim Tonachella photography - Another View of the Fisher

Another View from the Fisher

Tim Tonachella photography - At the Joe

At the Joe

Tim Tonachella photography - As the Sun Sets on the D

As the Sun Sets on the D

Tim Tonachella - Shinola


Tim Tonachella - Alone in the Rain

Alone in the Rain

Tim Tonachella - Blues Man

Blues Man

Tim Tonachella - Crying for the City

Crying for the City

Tim Tonachella - Lonely Street

Lonely Streets

A Shave and a Hair Cut

Tim Tonachella - A Shave and a Hair Cut

Early Morning at Farmers

Tim Tonachella - Early Morning at Farmers

From faces of the homeless to rundown buildings that have no occupants to the bright lights of a city seeking renewal, Tim Tonachella’s photography captures the humanity and struggles of his beloved Detroit. Born and raised in the city, Tim began his fascination with photography at a young age but did not begin to tell the stories of Detroit though images until adulthood. Now he not only shares his own work but serves as a curator, organizing exhibitions that celebrate artists throughout the region.

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