Artist Statement . . .

“All my work is narrative. It is about the human condition, the feelings of joy, loss, fear, and loneliness.  

Painted elements suggest but never tell the complete narration as in realistic painting. The viewer senses a comprehension of human anatomy, but finds that the aesthetics of paint dominate the visual image. Paint describes the light reflecting from the surfaces of the subjects and brings meaning to the form.  

The placement of animals, human forms or objects, framed by architectural or natural structures, function for symbolic and compositional reasons rather then for realism’s sake. These deliberate incongruities contribute to the unique aesthetic of my work.

Art should communicate on multiple aesthetic levels. For me there is the comprehension of subject matter telling a story, balanced by the aesthetic use of medium and the artist’s personal sense of spatial narration where abstract space and forms define their own narrative (visual) content.

When I begin a visual painting idea I am never in full understanding of the final image. In the painting process new ideas or directions are revealed and pushed to their limits.

Chance taking and pushing the limits of one’s present knowledge and skills is the only way to grow as an artist.  The satisfaction of these breakthroughs is reward enough to keep me coming back to the easel.”