Mireille learned to paint as young girl. Born in France, she received a scholarship to an all-girls’ school, where she took advantage of the art classes it offered. In recognition of her talent she received a box of paint as a gift—an affirmation that would fuel her love for art but stopped short of convincing her that painting could be her life’s ambition.

She married an American and they eventually came to settle in North Dakota. A friend asked her to paint a scene on a 3-year-old’s bedroom wall. Her husband, impressed with her work, bought her another box of paint and convinced her she should take art classes. Later, the couple moved to Ann Arbor and she did just that: took courses at Washtenaw Community College and Oakland University.

Her daughter worked for a surgeon in California who organized the first formal show of her work in San Francisco, and she’s been displaying and selling her paintings ever since.

At one time Mireille’s work was in 20 galleries but in recent years says she has decided to slow down and “do only what I like to do.”

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