Artist Statement . . .

Of her abstract expressionist treatment on clay: “Since I am a painter by training it seemed natural to me to translate my fine art aesthetics to a complex ceramic surface. The colored slips and glazes I’m using are very intense and create a brilliant painterly surface on the white stoneware that can pragmatically be used in the oven. Admittedly I am by nature a colorist. I just love colors.

It’s always the need to express something that you don’t quite know how to do yet that inspires me to try something new. It’s a little like being fluent in several languages, each with a unique vocabulary. Because I am fluent in both painting and sculpture, I try to put together what I know about each into something new.

This is why artists create—not to do what has been done over and over again, but to seek new areas, cross boundaries. If somebody else has done a particular technique with a certain result, I don’t need to do it again.”

About her focus on animals: “People who come into the gallery fall in love with them, especially the pigs. Pigs are as smart as dogs. They’re completely underrated in my opinion. I try to honor the animals in my work and express their unique personalities and sense of humor.”