Artist Statement . . .

“I am a representational painter, who finds himself in a paradoxical situation, which involves the illusion of space in his paintings. I am concerned with creating the illusion of a three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface. I also want to retain the reality of the two-dimensional surface that I am working on. The problem is that both directions are contradictory.

So I give the illusion of three dimensions but also flatten out parts of the frame. The use of perspective and overlapping shapes help me give the illusion of objects going back in a three-dimensional space. The negative space might be brighter, richer, so it comes forward and objects go backwards. I like the equivocation of space. Strong negative space is important in my work-- It holds attention.

I really like the idea of filling the format; my backgrounds are really strong. My objects have common lines with things in the works. I want people to look at my work and have their minds go back and forth between two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

I wish to create paintings, not pretty pictures.”