“Our house was the last house on the block. The only thing separating us from five sets of railroad tracks was the alleyway. The houses were so close together, the sunshine never had access to the space between them, creating a cool, dark area sparsely covered with grass and smelling of clay. I was in my early twenties when I was reintroduced to that smell, and for me, it was like coming home.

The sound of the trains coming and going, walking through tracks and seeing the contrast of the rails against the ties, the wood against the metal, created a rhythmic pattern that continues to flow through my work.

Spending my life in clay, printmaking and metal provides me with the fundamental element that inspires me most — process. I like to do just about anything in clay but I like to focus on putting a lot of pieces together. I don’t like everything symmetrical and proportional. I like ripped edges and things that aren’t balanced. I like to explore the industrial side of art. I find the substructure of a building far more interesting before they place the ‘skin’ over it. Hence my new fascination with bones — ‘substructure and process’ — once again, present me with new inspiration.”

Artist’s Statement . . .