Illustration was good work that paid the bills and fed the family, but I’m a painter. With painting, you dive in with feeling and emotion. . I’m not looking to go to press by Friday. I can take my time with the work.

An idea can hit me anywhere. I can be driving when one comes, and I go home and sketch it out. Then I start drawing it out, focusing on composition.

I work by painting through layers upon layers. Each time I do a layer, I bring that layer out stronger and closer to finish. At the end of a day of painting I’ll take glazing media and coat the whole painting. I can’t begin to say how many layers I may apply, but in the end I like my results.

I could have painted lighthouses or motorcycles but I picked a subject I have loved since childhood–wildlife.

I feel good about my painting, but I know I have miles and miles to go.

Artist Statement . . .